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Re: The Defiance Thread - News about the Show and Game

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Continuum, whose second season debuts on Syfy this Friday, is imperfect but more consistent in quality than Defiance.
It's two episodes into its UK run, and it's not. It continues to struggle with what exactly it's trying to do with Liber8 and the political idea while interesting in theory feels undercooked. Defiance is not much better than Continuum, but it's got a better ensemble and more pieces that fit in a quasi-meaningful manner.
We've also got the imports Sinbad
Like most Sky original shows, it's pretty terrible. And it's really more fantasy. Obviously if we're including fantasy we can just say Game of Thrones and go home.

I hear Orphan Black is supposed to be fairly good, but BBC3 hasn't confirmed when exactly they're airing it. So right now, Defiance is basically marginally at the top of the heap. Sure, there's a couple of projects that might challenge this - Bryan Fuller's Syfy show, the Swedish series Real Humans, hell, maybe those remakes of Blake's 7 and Space: 1999 might amount to something - but right now this is it.
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