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Re: Charting the Novel-verse's Discontinuities

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Don't forget about Dr. Selar adopting the Andorian child in TNG #13 "The Eye Of The Beholder", but not having any kids when New Frontier starts. Not to mention, but in TNG#13 as well the Andorians are a 2-gendered species and are able to have kids, just like humans, unlike the 4-gendered Andorians we're currently seeing.
Those novels aren't part of "the novelverse," though.

The term "novelverse" is generally used to refer to shared continuity that has developed in the Trek lines since circa 2001 (though I prefer to call this continuity the Destinyverse, or the Palaisverse). Some earlier novels have been "grandfathered" into that continuity -- The Captain's Daughter and Vendetta come to mind -- and some elements of earlier novels (but not every detail) have been grandfathered in. (And the New Frontier series is kind of "half in, half out.") But most pre-2001 novels are not part of the Destinyverse.
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