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Re: The Defiance Thread - News about the Show and Game

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Pretty much. Defiance has the unenviable position of probably being the best sci-fi show currently going, and that's only because there's no serious competition.
Warehouse 13 is considerably better than Defiance. So is Doctor Who, even though I'm not crazy about the direction it's gone under Moffat. Continuum, whose second season debuts on Syfy this Friday, is imperfect but more consistent in quality than Defiance. I'm not sure if Arrow really counts as sci-fi, but it's quite good.

We've also got the imports Sinbad and Primeval: New World debuting on Syfy this Saturday, though I'm not sure how much to expect from those since they've both already been cancelled after one season in their countries of origin (the UK and Canada, respectively).
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