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Re: Mad Men season 6 (spoilers)

Seems like there is a lot of evidence suggesting Megan gets offed. Thanks for the link to the interesting article.

I don't think murder fits this show. I remember how pissed I was when Don had a fever and strangled that weird blonde woman from his past who crept in the back way... then I realized it didn't fit the series and that 'it was all a dream'. Fucking TV writers!

Pryce hanging himself is more than enough death/murder to factor into the story. Don/Dick's brother hung himself. If I want to see dead bodies, there is CSI: SUV, dammit.
However, it does make sense for Don to lose something big like this. The season opening saw his doorman almost checking out. hoping the show continues to surprise and that it is a misleading red herring, etc.

Does Don hit rock bottom after Megan dies and Betty feels sorry for him and comes back to him? I hope not. But I still wonder why Betty and Henry factor into the story at all anymore. There's not much they add to the overall narrative. I can imagine Megan finds out Don cheated, she left in a huff (like when they went on a road trip, fought over ice cream and she hitched a ride back to NYC last year) and gets killed or something. Then Don is again crushed under the weight of what he's done to people:

Adam Whitman - Denied access to Don's life, kills self.
Lane Pryce - Refused forgiveness from Don, kills self.

Am I missing anyone?
Could Megan be pushed over the edge into suicide? She seems very together. Will she lose her job at the soap? Hardly a loss if she can find more work but maybe she's blacklisted or something.
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