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The Last of Us

This PS3 exclusive is due on Jun 14 and I can hardly wait. It's a post apocalyptic world where the cordyceps fungus has adapted to effect humans and it basically results in the collapse of society. Uninfected humans set up these safe zones across what's left of the United States without any passage between them. Your character is Joel, a grizzled middle aged man who is contracted to move a young girl named Ellie from one safe zone to another.

I guess the Embargo was lifted today because about 50 reviews have hit the web today... Most of them are 10 out of 10 or it's equivelent. Right now, this game is on pace to be the highest review game of 2013 so far, the second highest being Bioshock Infinite.

If you happen to have a copy of God of War Ascension laying around, you can download a 10-15 minute demo... I've played it about 8 times already.

Here's's review:

You guessed it. 10 out of 10.
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