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Re: Why do non gamers bash gamers?

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I can't experience visiting renaissance Florence and climbing the exterior of the basillica in a board game, nor can I experience the thrill of racing through the streets of New York while playing sport, nor can I experience the difficulty of commanding a fleet of 18th century naval vessels in real time by playing cards.
You can do them through board games, books, 3D movies...
No, you can't. Video games are interactive, so that rules out books and movies as they're linear. As for board games, they're fun, but that game of Pandemic I played last night has absolutely no relation to that game of Grand Theft Auto 4 I just wrapped up. The thrill of that parachute/boat/car race I took part in isn't something a board game can replicate.

...and simulations, which are not necessarily the same as video games.

As for "imagination," it should be noted that several of those who developed video games which depict these examples did so without necessarily resorting to video games. That's something for you to consider.
Your interpretation of what a video game is is very narrow and not at all in line with what they currently are. Simulation is very much an element of video games and has become increasingly important over the last decade as games attempt to become more immersive. Open world sandbox games are some of the most popular around because of the freedom they give they player to have fun in a simulated world. Whether you get your kicks from the historical tourism in the Assassin's Creed games, or from tethering two jetliners together in Just Cause 2 just to see what happens, they're still video games. They're not something that any other form of entertainment can really replicate, and they'll continue to improve as our technology does.
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