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Re: Predict who will be cast as the 12th Doctor

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Yeah, serious math fail all over the place. Also, 15 and at college? (congrats if so)

Most importantly though, dull and boring? Pfft, please; her Hermione stole the Potter movies (to be fair, Ron fans can have a fair complaint about her getting most of his good stuff, but that's not the point).
Yeah, it's a different system where I am. We have a three tier system where I live. I'm at the higher school, but we're called a collage and will soon become an academy. It's supposedly a good school. It covers loads of obscure subjects. At year 10, you can drop some subjects and choose some more obscure ones. For example, some of the more obscure subjects include public services, Business, Ethics, Motor Vehicle, Hair and Beauty, Construction, and all that as well as a lot of more usual subjects.

The thing is she's too up her arse nowadays. I mean come on, practically had everything handed to her on a plate since age eleven. She's big headed and all boring and too serious in interviews like Kyra Nightly and all that.

Funny you mention Ron Weasley, Rupert Grint would make a marvellous doctor.
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