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Re: TOS Enterprise Interiors -- Unreal 3 Engine

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I also considered adding the two flag poles we see in the courtroom of Space Seed and The Menagerie, but thought it would look too out of place. Thoughts? (I can either place them here, or build the courtroom sometime later and put them there, where they belong)
Please accept my apologies for the counter-productive noise, I don't know from where I got the idea there might be benches.

I feel you should treat the briefing room and the courtroom as different entities.

For one thing the courtroom doesn't have the briefing room table, another thing is the total absence of floor carpet in the courtroom (I prefer the briefing room with carpet because that's the way we saw it most, the courtroom in contrast was only featured with the slick, dull floor which I feel adds to the sober atmosphere a courtroom should have, IMHO).

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