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Re: Matt Smith's Departure Confirmed.

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Need I point out that there'll never be a female Doctor, leaving all this sophistry moot? Moffat may have turned Doctor Who into rotten bastardised filth that make RTD's atrocities look like all time classics by comparison, but even he's not so cretinous as to break the show entirely.
Your opinions about RTD and Moffat's eras aside, how exactly would having a female Doctor "break the show entirely"?
Because it'll be a gimmick. In years time if the twelfth doctor is indeed a female (which I doubt now), people will always remember the twelfth doctor as "the female one". Plus with Moffat behind it, it will be as bad as that mess "the doctors wife".
The Doctor's Wife was written by Neil Gaiman and is much lauded as being the best episode of that run
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