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Re: A Military Star Fleet and UESPA

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IMO, "Starfleet" is Earth's organization and always has been,
The problem with this assertion is that the Starfleet seen in TOS, TNG, DSN, and VOY is explicitly established to be the Federation Starfleet on multiple occasions
Which makes sense, since Earth is a Federation member.

Don't misunderstand. Starfleet is an Earth organization in the sense that it was invented, maintained, funded and staffed by humans and nonhuman residents of Earth and/or human colonies. Which is to say it's an Earth organization in the same sense that, say, Boeing is an American company.

And if Boing had the overwhelming majority of its operations and personnel in, say, Texas, it could likewise be referred to as a TEXAN company, despite the fact that it provides services to customers all over the world and isn't necessarily beholden exclusively or even primarily to the government of Texas.

IOW, I'm not saying the Enterprise is part of Earth's Starfleet. I'm saying that Earth -- out of the goodness of its collective heart and at its own considerable expense -- contributes to the Federation by providing a Starfleet.
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