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Re: I've started hating the word "rehash"...

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Come on, guys. Q wasn't just playful. He had a bit of a mean streak, too.
He could be more petulant than downright mean, I'd say.
But he wasn't just fun and games either. Crew members died because of him, most notably in "Q Who?"
True. He certainly wasn't benign. He was dangerous, and the stakes associated with his acts were real. But in "Q Who?" propelling the Enterprise into Borg occupied space was still more of an impetuous act than one that was mean-spirited. Picard's foolish arrogance provoked Q, and for what it's worth, Picard is as much to blame as Q for how events unfolded after that. At the same time, the lives lost probably meant nothing to Q compared to the lesson he believes he taught Picard. And if he simply hit the reset button after Picard was humbled, then what was learned? It had to hurt. Wanna make an omelet? You gotta break some eggs.
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