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Re: Movies Seen In 2013

50. Hangover III: C-
51. Now You See Me: A
52. Boot Camp: B-
53. Green Zone: C
54. Ninja Assassin: B

I found this to be an enjoyable if forgettable action film. About a league of assassins through the centuries that steals children early on and raises them to be master assassins. The story focuses on one individual who found his humanity, his heart and soul through love with a female there. She longed for something more and her attempt to flee was seen as betrayal and she was killed. These assassins are used all over the world by various high paying clients who pay the same fee for a killing, 100 pounds of gold. The only actor I instantly recognized was Naomi Harris of James Bond/Pirates fame. She carries all the heavy lifting in this film. Her role and frankly the undercurrent of the film reminded me of Blade, Naomi was the role of the hematologist doctor who suddenly finds out the world is stranger than she knew. Ninjas here are treated by the cast as outlandish an idea as vampires.

As I watched this thought came to me, Kevin Feige I hope you find this: Naomi Harris for Misty Knight at some point.
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