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Re: I've started hating the word "rehash"...

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The other side of the coin is Lex Luthor ALWAYS being used in Superman movies. The Man of Steel film is breaking that trend. However when you use and reuse the same villain or plots over and over it makes the franchise seem stagnant and uninteresting.
Nah Man of Steel is a total REHASH. General Zod was in Supes I and II and was on Smallville and a ton of animated films and it a ton of comic books.

It is still a rehash. In fact I am starting to wonder if Superman actually has any other villains.
To be fair most comic movies are adaptaions of comic stories, Hell Nolan's Batman comics you can trace from successful issues from the 90's. Man Of Steel is more of an adaptation of the 2004 comic Superman Birthrright. A relaunch origin story about a faux Kryptonian invasion. While the MoS movies will really be a Kryptonian invasion. I don't consider it a rehash because it's like taking a book and bringing it to life on the screen for millions to see.

Being a big fan of Superman myself I can count the times Zod's been used in the last 25 years.
1989 Supergirl Saga Man Of Steel comics
1999 comic Our World at War
2005 comic For Tomorrow
2008 Last Son
and 2010 New Krypton
He wasn't in the animated series of the 90's or the Justice League Series of the early 2000's. You add the 1980 Superman movie and Smallville and that's all he's been in thus far.

Unlike like Batman's Joker who is WAY overexposed. When people think Batman they instant think The Joker. Not Mr Freeze, Mad Hatter, Maxie Zeus, or Scarecrow. When people think Superman they instantly think Lex Luthor. Not Zod, Brainiac, Metallo, Parasite, or Darkseid.

Just like when general audiences hear star trek they instantly think klingons by association. Not Jem Ha'dar, Kazon, Borg, Xindi or Augments.
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