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Re: I've started hating the word "rehash"...

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I think Orci and Kurzman balance him. He seems to come up with all the whack ideas, and they rein him in.
And then mess it up themselves.
Do you ever have anything positive to say ?

Nope, he's a sniper.

Waste of bandwidth really.
Shazam!'s post did have the virtue of being a comment at least tangentially about the movie.

Yours, on the other hand, is a clear swipe at another poster and can in no way be mistaken for anything else. You've been asked on more than one occasion previously to refrain from taking swipes of that sort, so this time it will earn you a warning.

Post, not poster. Comments to PM.

And Belz..., every once in a while, I think you may find that Shazam! does have something positive to say. And when he doesn't, it's simple enough to let those pass without comment.
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