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Re: I've started hating the word "rehash"...

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So Lindelof has suggested Q and the Borg might be used in Trek XIII... I think it would be like 'the coolest idea ever', but I see fans everywhere shouting and screaming things like: 'Why can't we have a new villain instead of REHASHING old ones?!' God, I hate that word, REHASH...

Were people screaming things like that about the Joker when people learned he would be in The Dark Knight..? The way Nolan reimagined the Joker was so brilliant, and I think The Borg, Q, even the Pakleds could be reimagined in a brilliant way... It's not a REHASH...

Rehash suggests that NEW villains are always better... Shinzon anyone..? Ru'afo..? Soran..? Nero..? All NEW villains... Personally, I'd rather see the Borg..!
The Borg were abused by that sinking ship called the Berman group. What should have been a rare, frightening couple of encounters in "Q Who?" and "The Best of Both Worlds" turned into the typical producer response: "we finally got a popular villain, so let's keep dragging 'em back to this and every other series, oh, and let's stick 'em in the TNG movies!"

A concept drained dry. Considering the nuTrek scripts, I do not expect their take on the Borg to surpass the eerie, fear of the unknown emotion running through the aforementioned episodes. If nuTrek is supposed to be a new voice, then create new villains.
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