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Re: Who likes Spock/Uhura too?

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I still want the trio to be Kirk/Spock/McCoy. I want the bromance.
That's my only objection to the Uhura/Spock thing. I think they can still do both though.

The girl in the couple in 'Balance of Terror' had to move sections so that she was not under her husband's supervision.
I think romances between shipmates is inevitable as are workplace romances where I met my husband.
they could have an amazing OT4 dynamic and in part they do in the end when they all combine their efforts and save Kirk, no? I wanted to kiss Bones when he told Kirk that him and Uhura deserved some credit for saving him because Kirk was all about thanking Spock for saving his life

The problem between Spock/Uhura would be if Spock gave her undeserved good grades or refused to let her on dangerous missions. We can see in STID that Spock insisted Uhura be allowed on the dangerous mission and it was Kirk that objected.
that's the reason why I love that scene.
When she asks Kirk to go outside alone and try to talk with the klingons the camera focuses on Spock's face and you can tell that he doesn't like the plan and the idea of her getting in danger BUT he doesn't stop her because he has faith she can do it and he trusts her and her abilities.
This ladies and gentlemen is a relationship where both parts are equal. She's a woman and she's his girlfriend but she also is an officer and he believes in her.
With all the complains about Uhura worrying about her boyfriend she actually did the same thing at the beginning when he went in that volcano. She was supportive the whole time, confident he could make it. She was worried but she tried to hide it well, it was only visible on her face when he was gone. But she never stopped him or tried to stop him.
The reason she was angry later wasn't because he was willing to risk his life for a mission, she was angry because from her pov it seemed like he had a death wish and he didn't care if he lived or died.

btw, this is one of my favorite scenes between them in the movie

the whole teasing "you sure you don't want me to go instead?" after she had just finished putting the last piece of that suit on him and of course he doesn't understand she's joking "that would be highly illogical as I'm already outfitted" note: not illogical because the job is dangerous and you're my gal and I don't want you to get in danger. It's illogical because I'm already wearing this stupid thing.
Spock: I apologize, Captain, but the complexities of human pranks escape me.
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