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Re: Star Trek: Starships Model/Magazine Subscription

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I got the pilot run of these last May/June. Good models, interesting enough magazine. Will probably get some more.

Rest assured on Eaglemoss - check out their Marvel Figurine Collection which ran from 2005-2012 (actually, maybe a bit into this year as well). Amazing models, and a real commitment to complete what they set out to do (that was so popular it kept getting extended).

The reports that they needed a new factory to handle production are true.

The reports that they underestimated initial demand was also true.

They released their little test run (like they usually do with the partworks) and somehow forgot to remember that, in these internet times, everybody (nationally and internationally!) can learn about the new series within minutes! Suddenly, it wasn't just a few folk in the SW of England that were interested...
Agreed, as I'm in the NW of England and subscribed to it for the inital run. Hopefully they'll learn the lesson next time that in the Internet age they might get subscribers from outside the trial area. Let alone international interest.
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