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Re: New Treknology Into Darkness

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Probably because contracting the space around your ship by two millimeters would result in a relative motion of two millimeters per second.
How so? You could contract space by two millimeters per attosecond, or whatever - the "per second" part doesn't follow from anything much. The numbers on this are completely arbitrary if we drop the "tunnel all the way from A to B" idea.
I don't think the visuals are very helpful and have some episodes shown ships enclosed in other ships warp bubbles or is that just shields I'm thinking of?

For safety I think a warp field has to be bigger than 2mm around a ship, although as i say, it's hard to work out exactly how and how far sensors can work while at warp. Not good enough to detect the carnage at Vulcan but good enough to pull out of warp right next to a planet or to avoid colliding with large Kuiper Belt objects? It's all very inconsistent.
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