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Re: I've started hating the word "rehash"...

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I think Q did well with Picard and Janeway because they were stuffy and 'proper'.

nuKirk would probably like Q and where would the fun in that be?
Good observation. I was just reading an interview with DeLancie in which he states that he realized early on that Patrick Stewart had already staked out Grave and Serious, so DeLancie went for Snarky and Flippant by way of contrast . . . .
I think Kirk and Q would get along more like Sisko and Q did. Kirk would have zero tolerance for his nonsense, especially if he thought Q endangered his ship. I could see Kirk punching him, too.

Spock would simply find him childish, much like Trelane, but probably also be put off by how, to him, Q is a waste of intellect.

As far as rehashing anything goes, I sincerely hope nothing is the next time. The crew is on its five year mission. They're finally in deep space "where no one has gone, before." Let's pick them up three years into that mission in 2016 and see them finally functioning like a well-oiled machine in whatever conflict they face. That's all I can hope for.

If we have to keep revisiting things, then maybe Trek is out of new ideas.
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