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Re: Generations Concept Uniforms?

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Well, I for one agree with their decision. I get what they were going for with the new design, but it seriously didn't work out. They just look kind of stupid. I don't blame them for taking one look at the dailies and nixing them.
I didn't say that I liked them, just that they should have used them since they paid for them. I think they look stupid too.

The Deep Space Nine uniforms had never been delineated as space station uniforms. In fact, we saw multiple space stations using the regular TNG style.
But the only space station personnel we saw were on TNG, before DS9 started production. It's obvious that the change in uniform design for DS9 was to delineate a station uniform as opposed to a ship uniform at that time. And I believe the uniforms were referred to as station uniforms in the ST Encyclopedia.
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