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Re: Revolution - season 1 part 2 -

Minor annoyance, and I know they just wanted the symbolic view of the power being restored, but why do all the lights suddenly work? Even if you accept that these little magical nanites can absorb electricity (except when that would be bad, and then they don't), things that are plugged in STILL wouldn't work. Little problem of supply, no? Once the power failed, I'd have to imagine people stopped tending the power plants, and didn't bother to keep generating power. Especially after 15 years. I'd think that even if power became physically possible again, you'd still need a pretty good effort to repair power plants, reactivate them, fix transmission lines, and THEN you'd get some flickers of power in homes.

It's less annoying than the explanation for why the power went out, but still, got a out of me...
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