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Re: Let's Discuss the Romulan Bird of Prey!

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But that's different from being propelled by the "weather." A nuclear aircraft carrier tracks the weather ahead, but not because her propulsion depends on it.
True that ships are not propelled by the weather. However I was commenting on Timo's "The thing is, though, the environment never seems to play any role in starship propulsion. Our heroes never discuss "winds" of any sort, or subspace density, or even gravity..." which isn't true.

The Valiant got swept out to edge or slightly outside of the galaxy by space weather (ion storm). The Galileo 7 got pulled abruptly to a nearby star system by a magnetic effect from the Murasaki 312. In TOS, space weather can play a role in a ship's flight path and speed. And if their engines aren't strong enough or turned off, they can be swept around by it.
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