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That doesn't, in and of itself, exclude him from being considered a terrorist.
Well no, but my point is that in actuality he didn't specifically target civilians.
Yeah, but, let's not lose sight of the fact that, when the Enterprise was dispatched to go after Harrison, Kirk and crew did not know that.
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However, and moreover, Khan [as Harrison] was purported to have been responsible for an attack on a branch of Federation Archives, supposedly not a military target. Khan was thereby accused of being a terrorist. The "drone strike" was ordered to punish that alleged crime, which was in fact a false charge, because the building attacked wasn't really an archive.
My point there was that, for a significant part of the movie, our heroes were regarding Harrison as a terrorist, and, to the best of their knowledge, it was correct for them to regard him that way. Contrary to the impression one might have from reading your assertion that Khan wasn't really a terrorist, the film's narrative hardly fails to associate Khan with terrorism.
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