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Re: Why do non gamers bash gamers?

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As an avid reader I am constantly frustrated by my 15 year olds lack of interest in reading while he will spend endless hours pointlessly blowing or hacking the crap out of things in any number of identikit video games. Its repetitive, its unimaginitive and its a waste. He has a very high IQ and is a high flier at school. If only he would give his imagination a chance...he is missing out on so much.

Answer your question ?

PS - back in the day I had a Mega drive and a PS1. I packed them away when I realised that I got really bored with repetetive gaming and didn't finish games - in fact 30 minutes was enough of most titles for me, whilst reading Lord of the Rings interested me for days....
This is one of the examples of Poe's Law where what is said is so absurd that I struggle to determine whether you're being sincere or sarcastic. If you're being sincere...

Firstly, gaming and reading are two different things that stimulate the brain in different ways, and the idea that you can't enjoy both is silly. I think you'll find that most of us here in this forum enjoy reading as well as gaming. But if your son just doesn't enjoy reading much then c'est la vie, it's not his thing. He's no more missing out on anything than I did by not playing rugby, and I'm glad that my father didn't badmouth me to others just because I didn't enjoy something he loved.

Secondofly, games do invite imagination. There's the obvious examples like Minecraft and Little Big Planet, two games which are all about player creativity, but even a good shooter encourages the player to play the game their own way. My experience with Far Cry 3 for example probably wouldn't be the same as yours because that was a game that encouraged the player to come up with their own strategies, and one which rewarded players for going off the beaten track and having their own adventures.

Third-diddly-irdly, games have evolved considerably since days of the PS1, and you don't seem to have kept with the times. Games like Red Dead Redemption are capable of presenting immersive worlds with great characters and emotional storylines. Mass Effect is a space opera which has arguably surpassed anything Hollywood has produced in that genre in the past decade. The Portal games are highly entertaining puzzle/comedy hybrids unlike anything that can be experienced in any other medium.

Just like the film industry, the music industry, and the publishing industry, the games industry produces plenty of crap aimed at the lowest common denominator. But writing off the whole medium for the reasons you've stated is as silly as condemning all music just because your son likes listening to the Black Eyed Peas.

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Because many of the benefits from video gaming can be seen in the rest of gaming (including board games and sports) but with lower resource costs.
I can't experience visiting renaissance Florence and climbing the exterior of the basillica in a board game, nor can I experience the thrill of racing through the streets of New York while playing sport, nor can I experience the difficulty of commanding a fleet of 18th century naval vessels in real time by playing cards.
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