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Re: Doctor Who from the start (by a n00b)

I am deep into Baker territory now, and the show has improved immeasurably!

Some highlights so far:

The Sontaran Experiment
But I think The Sontaran Experiment also shows that you donít need a big budget to tell a compelling sci-fi story either. This takes place entirely on some hills (no sets), and reuses some old costumes. And yet, itís a compelling tale of human survival, Sontaran wickedness and Time Lord cunning.
Pyramids of Mars
Overall, this is a very enjoyable serial. The plot is interesting, the robot mummies are good, and the dialogue between the Doctor and Sarah is more natural and witty than normal. They also have a good team dynamic, working together well. Success!
The Deadly Assassin
This is a really well-written and well-envisioned story, and very different in style from the usual. Itís quite dark, dealing with themes of murder, survival, conspiracy and politics, and none of the four episodes feels wasted on anything frivolous.
The Robots of Death
Youíve got to have likeable, or at least identifiable, characters when you make a murder mystery story, and The Robots of Death manages to achieve this where embarrassingly modern blockbusters like Prometheus fall flat on their face.
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