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Re: Engineering's curved hallways

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It's the placement of the room at port or starboard side of the saucer that we have a difference of opinion and you'll find no visual evidence to support a conclusive right or wrong answer, IMO.
We do see the corridor leading to the Engineering Control room in two scenes with Kirk and Spock in "The Naked Time", the area in front of the Season Two/Three engine room (you placed on the port side and which they must have passed) simply is not there.
What area would that be? The set used had an intervening angled hallway that Scotty runs down to get power to the helm. Also, you're now mixing S2/3 with S1. If you were to posit that the S2/3 engine room co-exists with S1 in the saucer, where is the visual that shows further down there is a starboard side engine room in S2/3? That doesn't exist.

The only conclusion I can draw is between S1 and S2 the engine rooms were upgraded and the corridors altered.

That doesn't alter the fact that the S1 engine room could be either port or starboard and no conclusion could be drawn from just the interior sets.

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Add to this that the enter scenes of the Engineering Control Room,
provide us with sufficient background information (near the floor) to conclude that the Season One studio set blueprint and the alignment of the Engineering Control Room is accurate as shown and seen on these set plans.
That is not in debate. The alignment of the engine room however has no obvious relationship to the alignment of it relative to the ship.

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The Thermians might not have had access to the studio set blueprint but their analysis of the "original documentary footage" would have yielded an exact reproduction of that blueprint, IMO.
They would have yielded an exact reproduction of the visible elements, not the blueprints. Which still would not be able to yield information on whether the engine room was on the port or starboard side. As I've said, it would still be an interpretation as to it's placement in the ship.

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If you prefer to have it differently that's your choice, and frankly, I'm grateful you did it your way as this was a contributing factor to inspire my deck plan project.
Glad I could help and you're a great example of how different people can interpret the series in different ways (which is a good thing).
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