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Re: The Defiance Thread - News about the Show and Game

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^Again, I hope you're right that Stahma had some secret agenda, but normally we would've gotten a shot of her smiling deviously to herself to tip us off, and I don't recall that happening here. Jaime Murray seemed to be playing it straight.
Actually I think we DID get a shot of her that led me to think she wasn't playing it straight. After Kenya's apology for laughing at her about her boy there's a moment where all her "oh dear, I am so hurt" look just drops off and she's utterly deadpan.

But at this point, I'm almost past caring. This show has disappointed me more than it's pleased me -- there have only been two episodes so far that I thought were genuinely good. I find myself regretting that this show apparently scuttled the chances for the H.G. Wells-centered Warehouse 13 spinoff that Murray was going to star in. I'd much rather be watching Warehouse 12 (or whatever it would've been called) than Defiance.

Which is a shame, since I really wanted to like Defiance. The concept had so much potential, but I don't think they've made much of it.
Still has space ships.

But yes there's some really awful things there, just hoping some plot kicks in and shoves them to the background.

This was only the 7nth episode!

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