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Re: The Defiance Thread - News about the Show and Game

^Again, I hope you're right that Stahma had some secret agenda, but normally we would've gotten a shot of her smiling deviously to herself to tip us off, and I don't recall that happening here. Jaime Murray seemed to be playing it straight.

But at this point, I'm almost past caring. This show has disappointed me more than it's pleased me -- there have only been two episodes so far that I thought were genuinely good. I find myself regretting that this show apparently scuttled the chances for the H.G. Wells-centered Warehouse 13 spinoff that Murray was going to star in. I'd much rather be watching Warehouse 12 (or whatever it would've been called) than Defiance.

Which is a shame, since I really wanted to like Defiance. The concept had so much potential, but I don't think they've made much of it.
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