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Re: Charting the Novel-verse's Discontinuities

The big one that still gets me is that both SCE: Aftermath (my debut) and DS9: Unity feature Keiko O'Brien telling Miles for the first time about her new job on Cardassia. I blame myself for that, because I knew there was a need to coordinate with S.D. Perry to keep our respective works straight, but I didn't have the confidence yet to ask to see a copy of Unity so I could make sure. I'm sure Marco would've caught it normally, but he was dealing with having a baby at the time. I hadn't yet learned that you need as many eyes on a project as possible to make sure you catch most of the errors.

Another one that slipped through around the same time, due to different projects having different editors, was that DS9: The Left Hand of Destiny portrayed the Klingon holy world Boreth as a barren ball of ice with no native life while the VGR Relaunch portrayed it as a world with a lush jungle preserve for Klingon hunting rituals. But I think those can be reconciled if you assume the jungle preserve is just a finite, terraformed portion of the planet with all its life forms imported from elsewhere -- that way Boreth still has no native life.

There's also a more recent discrepancy between novels' portrayals of the Rigellian (or Rigelian) species mentioned in "Journey to Babel," the one with similar anatomy to the Vulcans. Catalyst of Sorrows claims that they have Vulcanoid internal anatomy but all look human externally (presumably on the assumption that Hengist from "Wolf in the Fold" was one of them), but David Mack's novels describe Safranski, the Rigelian in President Bacco's administration, as looking like a Vulcan. (I don't remember whether Articles of the Federation claims this as well.)
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