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Re: Who likes Spock/Uhura too?

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I still want the trio to be Kirk/Spock/McCoy. I want the bromance.
That's my only objection to the Uhura/Spock thing. I think they can still do both though.
I've always felt the bromance in TOS and still do actually with the Reboot, but on the ship.

I could never imagine Bones hanging out with any of them outside of the ship. I've also always felt Bones is a lovely but grumbly older brother to both Spock and especially Kirk. From the original series I always thought Bones had a warm and friendly relationship with Uhura, but I just got the impression that he needed his space from them and they respectfully gave it to him. Karl U has definitely captured DeForest Kelley's Bones in the Reboot.

With Karl being much younger than DeForest, I can easily imagine Bones now accepting the invitations to S/U's dinners or pub crawls (I'm rather boring myself actually lol) just so that he can meet Kirk's latest 6ft tall, green haired, blue skinned conquest.
Bones will shake her hand politely and then totally embarrass everyone but Spock by requiring 4 repeats of her name before he complains it's too long and unpronounceable, so he'll just call her "Gia" for short..even-though it begins with an offense.
Spock will abscond to the Kitchen and Uhura will pull Bones to the sofa to sit with her, as she narrowly avoids disaster when she notices him eyeing his favorite cushion on the love-seat being crushed as "Gia" arranges herself comfortably. Not as "under his breath," as Kirk, Uhura, and "Gia" would like, Bones will wonder why her skin is blue and just why it is Kirk couldn't just find him a nice, ordinary human!
Kirk, will finally let out the breath he's been holding in, when Uhura mercifully and none too gently tugs Bones into the kitchen with Spock as he puts the finishing touches to their meal.
Spock and Uhura will both stare at him until he exasperatedly yells, "What, he brings to dinner a blue skinned amazon and I get the stares?"

Spock stiffens up, Uhura cracks up, and Bones loosens up with a smile.

Meanwhile Kirk is fuming with "Gia" of all people, as he locates her clutch and sees her out the door. Kirk had apologized and offered to "speak to" Bones about his behavior, but "Gia" interrupted him by exclaiming that she didn't know he was inviting her to eat, an "out of this world gourmet meal" at his weird 1st officer's apartment with an added side dish of psycho uncle. He doubted Uhura would take too kindly to Gia's" parting message that,"they could "hook up" sometime if she wanted to send her a text."

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The problem between Spock/Uhura would be if Spock gave her undeserved good grades or refused to let her on dangerous missions. We can see in STID that Spock insisted Uhura be allowed on the dangerous mission and it was Kirk that objected.
Spock knows his love so well!
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