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Re: Star Trek Continues "Pilgrim of Eternity"

Same here, thats why I would always say TOS over TNG and Kirk over Picard (sorry Sheldon and Leonard) ... TNG at times was too touchy feely and Troi should never have been on the Bridge as often as she was - ship with about 1000 crew and their families she should have been spending most of her time doing her job not sitting off on the Bridge waiting to be asked the intentions of the alien of the week.

Thankfully this one cant be like that, I would bet as she seems to have been well received by many plus she is soon to marry this series Kirk, she will make an appearance and hopefully with good reason instead of hanging round in the background in Sickbay or the Bridge. If I were writing I would have her chatting with background cast in the rec room, or an injured crewman in sickbay... you know doing her characters job.
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