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Re: Was moving 'The Next Generation' over to movies a bad decision?

^ You should listen to the Ron Moore and Brannon Braga commentary of Generations. It's like a 1 hour and 40 minute long apology for how bad the movie is. Basic summation is the film was advertised as a go get'em action flick with the Next Gen crew and Kirk riding shotgun. Even the poster seen below. Tagline was "Two Captains, one destiny".

But in writing the film Moore, Braga and Berman all thought it would be better to do what everyone didn't expect rather than make what certainly would've been a crowd pleaser. Turns out taking the piss with the story, characters, and icons was extremely detrimental to the franchise.

Killing Kirk by having him fall to his death. Which was a reshoot of simply having Kirk be shot in the back. It was changed because test audiences didn't approve. Not because the creative team thought it was bad.

The piss poor way the ENT-D was destroyed. It's like they forgot the ENT-D was it's own character and just chucked her to the way side.

The nexus is a problem. Even Leonard Nimoy said so. If you can just walk away from the fantasy or simply walk out of the nexus, then what are the stakes?

Picard beaming down to talk to Soran and having to embarrassingly crawl through a hole in the shield. Seriously was this the best these guys could come up with?

First Contact was a several very large steps in the right direction. But all that progress was essentially set back to square one by the piss poor INS. NEM was the last hoorah for the TNG crew. Bringing in the big space battles that were so well received on DS9 but by that time no one cared.
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