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Re: When did voyager go wrong?

"Hi, Jennifer, you're going to a get a minimum of 4 or five lines per script, with a guarantee of 2 scripts per year that will focus squarely on your shoulders which you will be expected to carry. For this we'll pay you 18 grand an episode or you can file for unemployment. Are we good?"


"Hello Jeri. We want you to be responsible for half the dialogue in every script, especially the ones which are focussing on the little people I can't seem to fire, and if you're not busy, we think that 15, no 16 episodes a season should spotlight your character and her search for humanity, and if that uncomfortable sock we have you wearing maintains the illusion of nudity, I'm sure that your parents and children will not be embarrassed, bunches up just work through the pain... We were thinking about giving you 18 grand an episode? Oh. And you have to sleep with Brannon too. If you'd just initial your contract here, here and here. Thank you."
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