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Re: What's Up with the Warp Core (SPOILERS Into Darkness)

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If I remember correctly,in TWOK, Spock enters the reactor room. The pedestal contains the DiLithium crystals. He must have reoriented the crystals.

You can't check the oil or jumpstart the battery in an automobile flailing around as clumsily as Spock did in that scene. Yet you suggest that Nimoy's plausibly miming some kind of emergency maintenance on an FTL engineering system.

That's the worst kind of excuse making.
Well, I floated the same idea upthread as a possibility, under a hypothetical but false assumption of what the overall layout of Main Engineering was. My point then was that they never said what Spock was doing, beyond fixing the ship. They never said on screen what anything was in main engineering, for that matter, as far as I'm aware.

Does anybody know what procedure the script said Spock was doing?

If we're going to open up the TWOK scene to criticism, it is ridiculous on many levels. The props aren't suggestive of anything sensible, Spock's glove is oversized and clumsy, and for all that we can see, maybe all he's doing is pressing the Galaxy Quest Blue Button, which, instead of beyond the chompers, in this case is located deep inside a radiation-spewing pedestal. If it is supposed to be an upgrade of the same thing he and Scott fiddled with in Elaan of Troyius, they should have splurged a little and have it eject up some settings with some props that at least looked like crystals, and have him, you know, put one back in place. If that was the intent, then what we got was the ultra-low budget version of that.

In contrast, what we got in STID was in many ways the exact opposite of that. Rather than vaguely and suggestively doing nothing sensible inside a pedestal that's way too small for the gloves he's wearing, Kirk gets up on something bigger than he is and puts his whole body into it; at least we can see on some level that something is being moved back into place.
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