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Re: Star Trek Continues "Pilgrim of Eternity"

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She always felt out of place and should have been doing Counselor type duties in Sickbay which is exactly how they have written this character.

Theres advising the Captain when hes having a crisis of conscience which is the job of a Councilor, a job we saw McCoy and odd other characters do in TOS - and then there was Troi's job which seemed to be the Captains go to girl when he wanted to know what someone was really thinking, which was most episodes!

This type of character is exactly what some people seem have been wanting from a Star Trek series for a while, a ships chaplan type character just without the religious angle which could and would alienate crew members. Someone people can go to and talk to when they have gone through the things the average red shirt goes through on a day to day basis and something both TNG and DS9 tried but didnt succeed with.
Advising the Captain when he has a crisis of conscience, sure, but that sounds like a guest star role, NOT a recurring or regular role. Like Dr Sydney Freedman in M.A.S.H., who they used infrequently but with great effect and only when the story needed him...

Sorry, but there is NO need for a ship's counselor on a regular basis and especially with such easy access to the bridge and the ship's captain. This is what always bugged me about Picard and in my mind made him a lesser captain than Kirk. Kirk on his own, or with limited assistance from Spock and other personnel was able to make up his own mind AND outwit his adversary often without the help of telepathic touchy-feely juju. Yes, even Spock's telepathy was a very rare thing in those days...
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