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Re: When did voyager go wrong?

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It wouldn't have been that hard to keep track of 150 or so people and if one died, just indicate it on the sheet that had died.
I mean writing down all those names, giving each one a specific duty and position, etc. And then going by the show's "We can't survive if anyone dies" thing, that means they can't kill anyone without violating the premise since they'd never be able to get a replacement (including getting alien help).

They were too hamstrung by the constrained premise.

TOS only had 3 main cast members, VOY had what 7/8?
So if it'd been clear that VOY would only have 3 main character, would anyone have complained as much?
I disagree they weren't hamstrung by the premise, loss of crew over the years would have had an impact on everyone. Aside from the Pschological impact, what about the physical. Those duty shifts that the crew who had been lost would have to covered, so people would have to do longer etc...

There was plenty they could have done, I think rather than being hamstrung by the the premise they failed to embrace the premise and all the problems that would come with it.
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