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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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Thought so.
Same here. It's been painfully obvious that he's no older than 25.

Yes, because once you're older than 25, you start liking ancient forms of film (regardless of what you thought of them before), horrible superhero movies, and in general lose all of your personality and ability to get angry I didn't know becoming a zombie was a symptom of old age.
25 was chosen because 18-25 is the period of most people's lives where they leave behind the life they've always known (living with parents) and move out into a wider world full of new experiences...experiences that usually lead people to rethink some of their previously held notions. Usually by 25 most people have been on their own for a few years and their perspective on the world is changing.

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Yes, because once you're older than 25, you start liking ancient forms of film (regardless of what you thought of them before), horrible superhero movies, and in general lose all of your personality and ability to get angry.
No. The older one gets, generally, the more one actually knows as a result of experience and therefore the more interesting one's point of view becomes.

Becoming less quickly and intensely angry over trivia is an aspect of maturity dearly to be hoped for.

If your tastes are the same when you're forty as they are now, you'll have failed at life. That said, I don't think there's a real likelihood that this will be the case.
This x1000. Well said.

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Whatever. I've never liked older people try to tell me I'll think like them when I'm their age.
No one's saying you'll think like them. What they're saying is that as you get older your perspective on things is going to change. You can't really predict how.

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It was wrong when my parents made stupid comments when I was in elementary school about things like what I'd think of food when I was older, and it would be stupid to say that about what kind of things I like today. Some things don't change. My Dad's 55 years old, he still likes 90% of the same music and types of things he did at my age...... but I'd say that I'll probably be similar with likes and dislikes when I'm his age. Fantasy, sci fi, superheroes have never not interested me.

Its basically "When you're my age, you'll hate everything you've always loved and will instead be exactly like what I think people should be when they're older".
No, no one's saying that at all. Life is going to change you. It won't necessarily make you hate things you loved before, but you'll learn to love other things and you may just drift away from stuff, even stuff you dearly love right now.

For example, I started collecting comics in 1979. I collected steadily for thirty years, always eager to get to the shop on a weekly basis. A few years ago I realized that if I missed a week or three, well it didn't really bother me. Eventually I just stopped going on any kind of regular basis. These days I'll occasionally stop in and pick up something if it interests me, but after thirty years, I no longer collect comics. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate super heroes or anything, but my appreciation for them has changed.

Same for music....twenty years ago I threw away all the music I'd been listening to for the previous decade. Despite having once thought that I'd love that music forever, I just got sick of it after listening to it for so many years.

I'm far more interested in looking for something fresh and new as the old stuff just got stale and tired. It happens. You'll find this out for yourself as the years pass. Somethings you'll find you gain a new appreciation for, others you'll just slowly drift away from. You'll also discover new things to like and be a fan of.

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Also, going back to something else I said that acidentally caused a big argument, yesterday I decided to grab The Artist from the library. It was right there on the DVD rack, so I checked it out. I just watched it today. I'm forced to admit, I liked it.......but I can't deny its a good movie.
Well I'll definitely give you props for taking the time to see it for yourself so that you could form an honest opinion of it. You learned that it wasn't as bad as you originally thought it was. There's a whole host of things that may not be as bad as you *think* they are if you'd just give them a try. You might be surprised with the results.

As for MoS, I've been interested in a fresh new take on Superman for years. Sure, I'd love a retro 1938 version where Supes is back to his ass kicking, wise cracking self, but I like what I'm seeing in these trailers.

Hard to believe we're only a week and half away. I'll be there on opening day to see if it delivers the goods.
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