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Re: Dumping Cable & Getting a Roku - Advice Needed

I don't have an HD television or a Roku, but I cut the cord about six months ago. I enjoyed it. I was able to watch all my shows, I gained an entire library with Netflix and bought NBA League Pass to follow my sport. The big thing was choosing when to watch what I wanted. If I wanted to watch six nights of Charlie Rose at 8PM, binge on Star Trek episodes until I went to bed (about 1AM), and then spend all day on Sunday watching NBA basketball (an actual week of what I did), I could do that and I enjoyed it. It's like I was programming my own network. I just searched online to check which shows were where and then bookmarked them. No need to worry about whether the DVR was recording during a show or worrying about if the DVR was full. The entire library is online. As time moved on, I started watching less and less television, even the internet television, but I think that was because of my equipment.

I still would be without cable if it weren't for the NBA playoffs. My cable company sent me a notice they would cut me a deal, and I was back in. They cut the price from 250 dollars a month which caused me to cut the cord, to 90 overnight. I was essentially getting television service for 15 dollars a month over what I was already paying. So if you cut the cord, and find it's not working, your cable company may be able to help you get it back.

I didn't set up a television in my house (no HD) with an antenna. No need. hate cop shows, daytime TV, and reality television. It was weird at first, but it really got to the point that I loved it and you can get most of that stuff online anyway, not through an affiliate. I just couldn't watch basketball games that were on cable stations. Unlike MLB (and NHL I think) they don't offer postseason streaming of games for a fee. If they did, I still would be without cable, even with the deal they cut me.
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