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Re: TNG Caption This! 315: Don't look at me like that!

MARINA SIRTIS: What do you mean the women on this show wear too much clothing?
GENE RODDENBERRY (Offscreen): In the future women have evolved beyond the need for modesty.
JONATHAN FRAKES: Troi is based on your fantasies isn't she?

WORF: Get back here!
GEORDI: I promise I won't tell anyone you cut your blood wine with prune juice!
WORF: It's called a Purple Klingon and it's NOT A GIRL DRINK!

Worf likes playing the priest in Machete holoprograms.

SPHERE: I am the XBox Fifty. You talked about a copyrighted game with the other bridge crew, and now you must pay the price.
PICARD: How did you know?!
SPHERE: I am always watching.

GEORDI: You didn't tell me she had five breasts!
RIKER: Be a little more open minded.
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