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Re: Revolution - season 1 part 2 -

I saw the pilot of Alyssa Milano's new show "Mistresses" yesterday.

I will not watch any more.

Saw the pilot for "The Fosters" this morning.

I will not watch any more.


This wasn't Flynn on the Fly.

Before he left Cuba, the President said "Turn the power back on, launch some missiles and then kill yourself."

If the missiles where the Presidents plan... Then he sent teams to those silos to make sure that they were flight worthy when the the power did come back on, which might have even taken years to investigate as many silos as they could until they finally found two arrows that could fly.

And even then, they could have gotten pendants and launched the missiles from the silos without central authorization... But it seems that there was no reason to nuke anything and cater the necessary fear to build an empire until the power was turned back on.
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