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Re: Strategic Designs/Cydonia 6 Ink: Any Progress?

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I think some of the works of Strategic Designs was derivative of Star Station Aurora & Mastercom, who came first. There seemed to be more thought and care gone into the plans from McM, especially Ships of the Star Fleet. The backstories were fantastic, the fictional "histories' etc. The background in the Strategic Designs didn't seem to be as wellt thought out. Hopefully there's some effort to maybe "align' the backstories on your new Cydonia products- are you planning it,or thinking in terms of the "official" timelines instead, etc?

I can't speak for the SD books, such as Prototype or Dynamics as those were before I was involved. I know that they had a lot of references to other fan products. As for the deck plans, I've stuck with the official ships in the "Star Trek public realm", ie the tv shows and movies.

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