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Roddenberry, Solow, & Justman

So I recently finished reading the Solow/Justman book and I have a better understanding now about all the Roddenberry-bashing that has come out since its publication. The consensus among readers tends to be that Roddenberry was essentially an opportunistic money-grubbing jerk who was less than charming to work with. The book and the subsequent discussions which have come up have led me to ask two questions:

1) Was Roddenberry really any that different from anyone trying to make it in the cut-throat world of television during those days?

2) Why is it so much easier to accept Solow/Justman's version of things and discredit Roddenberry where the opinion of the latter differs from that of the former party? Isn't it possible that Solow/Justman are capable of bending the truth (or remembering things differently) to suit their own purposes? Why do many automatically assume that GR is full of it?
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