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Re: Strange Dark Matter Theory

That's exactly what I'm on about:

According to a CERN statement, the results announced Wednesday "are consistent with the positrons originating from the annihilation of dark matter particles in space, but not yet sufficiently conclusive to rule out other explanations."
For one thing, this basically refers to the WIMPs -- specifically, to neutralino -- model of Dark Matter. The reason they think this is related to dark matter is because it is theorized that large objects (the sun, for example) would possess enough gravity to capture dark matter particles; those particles would accumulate in sufficient density to interact with the material of those stars via the weak force; that interaction would produce a neutrino, which in turn would react with other particles to produce a high-energy positron.

Which is to say the conclusion "Evidence of dark matter" is based on a mathematical model, which is based on an assumption about the behavior of a hypothetical particle whose existence -- let alone behavior -- has never been demonstrated.

The search for dark matter has all the dynamics of an episode of Ghost Hunters. The only difference is the microphone that picks up the "strange noises that probably indicate a ghost" is a million times more expensive.
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