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Re: Why do non gamers bash gamers?

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As an avid reader I am constantly frustrated by my 15 year olds lack of interest in reading while he will spend endless hours pointlessly blowing or hacking the crap out of things in any number of identikit video games. Its repetitive, its unimaginitive and its a waste. He has a very high IQ and is a high flier at school. If only he would give his imagination a chance...he is missing out on so much.

Answer your question ?

PS - back in the day I had a Mega drive and a PS1. I packed them away when I realised that I got really bored with repetetive gaming and didn't finish games - in fact 30 minutes was enough of most titles for me, whilst reading Lord of the Rings interested me for days....'re ignorant and don't try to understand your son's way of thinking or that he enjoys different things? Sounds about right.

It's different, and therefore "weird" if you enjoy it a lot. Same reason people rag on comic nerds, star trek fans, you name it.
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