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Re: TNG fans please identify yourselves ...

Hello there fellow trek buddies

I have to say that I became immersed into Trek by the great old threesome of Spock, Kirk and McCoy. I'd watch the repeats as a kid, and mum would laugh at how she loved it when it first aired and soon sit and watch it again with me. I even went and saw my first trek movie ST4 : The Voyage Home at the cinemas. But yes the all time favoruite that clinched trek for me was Wrath of Khan. Had to get it out on video, and after watching the motion picture, it certainly brought my interest up a thousand fold.

I have to say, I never liked TNG, like Puppet Master, saw encounter at farpoint on video, groaned at how bad it was, the stiff acting, a bald captain who looked like he was from thunderbirds are go. And soon turned away to continue watching the new TOS movies that came out.

Australian TV was a few years behind in trek and still is. I'm sure we never got to see TNG season three either. Played out of order etc it helped later on when I soon became immersed in the new and well improved TNG from the encounter days.

A student was commenting on the graphics on a new star trek video called emmissary. Something called Deep Space Nine. So I hired it watched it and loved the whole story of the borg and Wolf 359. So searching the cobwebbed video store located best of both worlds.

This is where I became a TNG fan. Riker on that battle bridge chair, in his accustomed slump just sold it to me. Well maybe the beard and smile did So yes, headed back found a few more of Season 5, then watched season 1 again as they were the only videos available. I looked beyond the awkwardness of season 1 and enjoyed the sotries instead. Watched it like I did as a kid with Dr Who and fell in love.

And yup, from there on I became a TNG and TOS fan. And a bearded riker groupie too

We unfortunately are too far for some actors, to hold great trek conventions here. Some in the past we've only just scrapped in with making it a huge sci-fi con rather than just trek. Stewart, Dorn and gates have made it here many many years ago. But now everytime we have Sirtis or someone else they pull out at the end. I guess what I am saying is, I would love to see a convention in the US, see what it's really like. And havea chance of seeing the beard...opps Riker in person

Well there's my piece. I'm a fan. And I do cringe at what it has become. A drawn out series that was mishandled for many years. I only hope that one day it will rise again like TNG did from the TOS ashes. But hopefully not as woodenly
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