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Re: The Prime Alternative

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I think itīs inevitable to ask at this stage:
The D-7 and the Romulan BOP (and/or other ships) will be the next steps in this project ? If so, Iīll be anxiouslly waiting for news.
We don't have any plans for that yet, but I would love to update them too, one day. We've got to get this model finished first though.

Kaiser wrote: View Post
Any chance at a resin mini of this Enterprise and Shuttle?
Not sure how many we'll end up making, but we're planning to have 2 little scale shuttles in the models shuttlebay, which is going to be pretty cool.

In the next year or so, I really hope to be able to buy a MakerBot 2 3D printer, so I could print out all kinds of smaller scale models. I'd really like a 10" version of our Enterprise for my desk.

Thanks guys,

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