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Re: AFT NACELLE (Spoilers)

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I was not being sarcastic in my question. (I am incapable of being sarcastic.) I was asking a fact finding question. I have read threads on this site where fans attempted to reconstruct the layout of the older ships, especially the Enterprise, using what was given. I was thinking that my question would lead to this discussion.

As for the weapons bay thing, maybe, I should have been clearer. The weapons bay is on either side of the warp reactor core.On the old Enterprise, the warp reactor core is several decks down from the torpedo bays.
The REACTOR is, yes. But the intermix chamber is little more than a thin bulkhead away from both the torpedo tubes and their magazines at any given time. The torpedo bay of Enterprise-A is only one deck away from the main engine room.

More to the point, we're not entirely sure where the engine room on the JJ Enterprise actually is, or where the weapons bay is for tat matter. I actually had a thought this morning that the side-mounted torpedo tubes might actually be in or around the location of those big windows that, on the TMP ship, would otherwise by the botanical garden (why would you stick a botanical garden next door to the reactor room?) That would mean the weapons bay on this ship is probably a couple of decks below and somewhat forward of the warp core.
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