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Re: My Trek Through Enterprise

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I for one always thought the theme suited the show since is basically th whole how was about humans aspring to be the best they can and reaching for their goals.
I will not argue with that! The lyrics fit perfectly.

It's just a feeling of general surprise when you hear it the first few times I suppose (keep in mind though that I watched VOY and DS9 straight through all 14 seasons in a row so I got used to the orchestral themes).

Now I've grown to like the ENT theme and it only took a few episodes. It did not take very long to get used to it.

I REALLY like the fact that they used 20th century "space feat" imagery and iconic photos and videos in the intro. That whole intro makes it feel as though it is within our the advancements the crew makes on the show are really not too too far away from us.

I watched a few more episodes today. I really like how much more "close to home" it feels as opposed to the shows set in the 24th century. It did make me feel rather sad, however...a feeling that I was born a bit too early...because I really do think that one day interstellar travel will be possible, but obviously not in my lifetime.

One criticism I have is the lack of structure and protocol they seem to have at this stage in Starfleet development, which it is clear that the Vulcans have been trying to get them to create. And although I enjoy the tension between T'Pol and the rest of the crew...some crew members (namely Trip) do act pretty ignorant towards Vulcans in general which I find odd considering the fact that their whole mission is about finding new worlds and cultures. I would think they would try to be more tolerant.

I made a mini pro/con list to simplify my thoughts on the show so far.

-They actually address inter-species translation issues! Although at times inconsistent.
-Crew is pretty realistic....they are not perfect and don't pretend to be.
-They show a somewhat realistic possibility of the future in terms of demonstrating the interaction between two species working together. One day when (not if!) humans come into contact with a more advanced species capable of space travel, I hope they are as helpful as the Vulcans are on Star Trek...for example, without T'Pol's knowledge they would have been in some deep trouble several times. The animosity humans feel towards Vulcans and vice versa is also a probable outcome if we ever do become involved with an alien race that has more experience and logic, in the case of Vulcans.
-This show made me feel excited again for what future prospects might hold for space travel because the time and setting is not as far into the future as other Trek.
- As always (except maybe TNG) the doctor is great. Dr. Phlox might make spot 2 or 3 on my fave Trek Docs list. Obviously the EMH takes my number 1 spot. Dr. Phlox is one weird dude...I'm curious about his character.

-Lack of protocol and structure (although this is clearly intentional to show the evolution of Starfleet)
-Archer is cool....I like him, but he seems to lack a great deal of scientific knowledge compared to other captains. I understand his father was involved with the invention of their warp drive and so he was made captain...but is that what an organization of that magnitude would really do? I would think they would prefer to pick the most competent person and not the most adventurous one or because of nepotism.
-The bigotry Trip evokes on T'Pol. Reminds me of how the U.S. acted (and still acts) towards other cultures. However, I do realize that all of the ignorance between the species demonstrates the comparison between how different Earth cultures acted towards each other before a global economy and showing that interacting with other species may not be so different.
-Have to say it....theme doesn't match other Trek! But I like it now anyway.

Overall I really am enjoying it though. I am curious as to how T'Pol's relationship with the crew will evolve.
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