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Re: Orphan Black kept my Attention.

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Yes IF organ production were the intended purpose.

(Try to actually pay attention to what i'm writing, sojourner, because you're only confusing yourself.)

I only offered the organ scheme as a way to defend the patent imprinted in the clones' DNA without presenting the actual clone in court, which - for the third time - is the only question I'm trying to answer. I don't know if mass producing replacement organs is the ultimate goal. Nobody will know what the ultimate goal is until the writers decide to tell us.
If the only way to defend the patent is to serendipitously get an organ into court without introducing the clone it came from you STILL end up with an unenforceable patent because your only source of further organs is illegal. It's baseless and futile.
Only if the participants in the litigation KNOW a full human clone is the source of the organ instead of just an incubator, which is the point of destroying the clone's carcass, you dumb shit.
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