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Re: "After Earth" - Trailer (M. Night Shyamalan, Will & Jayden Smith)

What would have made this movie, is that if after Will crashed, that the villain, if the villain could talk and it wasn't a dumb senseless animal, had punched him in the face and said "WELCOME TO EARTH!"

How likely would it have been that the Independence Day lawyer scum would sue?


These things have been hunting humans for a thousand years and no one has figured out how to genetically alter or flavour the sweat glands? or wear bubble suits or hermetically sealed armour? or even the fuck toss in a hand full of stink bombs before you walk right up to the bastard and kill it. Seriously, flood the camp, or the whole damn planet in sulphur.

That's why I assumed there was a twist at the end because this foe is so fucking stupid that man had to have been letting it slaughter it's citizens for the last thousand years and what the fuck is it with all the creatures on Earth being so large? Did man reduce his dimensions to make space travel easier?

That was a sabertooth tiger.

Which had me wondering if this was the past, but it can't be the past if the kids are reading Moby Dick, unless they went through a time... Nope... No explanations. Just a shitty ending where they kill a dog and the ambulance arrives after the boy dials 911.

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